Artistas invitados

  • Elena Gadel

    Elena Gadel

  • Roger Padullés

    Roger Padullés

  • Beth


  • Manu Guix

    Manu Guix

  • Albert Guinovart

    Albert Guinovart

  • Pep Poblet

    Pep Poblet

  • Cris Juanico

    Cris Juanico

  • Nina


The SCCC invites relevant artists from the most present musical scenario to participate in its concerts and offer their distinct personal touch during the interpretations and recordings of the orchestra. The SCCC is very glad to have the musicians and singers: Albert Guinovart, Nina, Pep Poblet, Cris Juanico, Beth, Manu Guix, Elena Gadel and Roger Padullés.