The words of Anna Pagans about Amb Catalunya al cor (With Catalonia in our hearts)


Anna Pagans i Gruartmoner, Mayor of Girona.

In previous texts requested by Josep Lagares for the same purpose as that which I have the honour of writing today, I highlighted three values that I have always considered essential for developing and promoting a project of any nature: innovation, research and perseverance.

In the current scene, bringing together these values may prove to be the only way of advancing with conviction and regaining the necessary spaces of self-confidence for which, as a community, we have a pressing need.

METALQUIMIA contributes enormously towards creating these spaces of self-confidence, in both the business and cultural spheres, and now it's offering us a further contribution. This third CD, Amb Catalunya al cor (With Catalonia in our hearts), proposes a versatile, eclectic journey, linking tradition with modernity and popularity with high quality, in a creative project that runs through many of our best-loved melodies.

The creative ability is the fourth value that we must bring into our projects if we want to be assured of their success. The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya has done so since the very beginning and this is why its chances for success in the future are now even more promising than ever.