The words of Francesc Cassú about Llegendes del Cinema (Movie Legends)


Francesc Cassú, Artistic Director of La Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya.

As artistic director of The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya, I must say that I am especially pleased with this fourth project. And this is because a number of elements converge to set it apart from the previous ones.

First of all, because we have taken a step forward. Yes, after three projects dedicated to Catalan music it was time to venture into expanding boundaries, to experiment with new music, to leave the maternal cradle and walk with courage toward new experiences. The music of movie soundtracks fulfilled, I believe, these expectations. A music with a symphonic aftertaste, full of complicity toward the listener, full of nuances that our orchestra – with its new but intrinsically Catalan sonority – can accomplish easily, providing and endowing this music with a new tailor-made dress, as has happened in each of the SCCC’s projects.

Secondly, for having an orchestra of young students  who are finishing their career (or starting it, depending on how you look at it), with commendable drive and enthusiasm and who have wished to participate in this project with the goal of savoring new objectives, of collaborating in an entrepreneurial initiative of quality, of contributing their magic in order to obtain results that are - you will see - splendid. The Jove Orquestra de Girona, under the tutelage of the Orquestra de Cadaqués, who I would like to thank for the trust they have shown from the very start, sounds surprisingly professional without losing, however, their youthful spontaneity.

Thirdly, for having done the arrangements together with Adrià Barbosa, who I would like to congratulate publically for his outstanding work. The fact that there are only two arrangers has given the end product coherence, and I must say that I enjoyed immensely writing for a group of instruments that I consider very much my own. 

And finally, for having shared this project with top-rate soloists, companions from different fields who were asked to collaborate and who accepted with the same enthusiasm as any young member of the orchestra, despite their solidly established professionalism.  Nina, with her enormous sensibility that produces goose bumps,  Cris Juanico, with a surprising resister, and Pep Poblet,  juggling three saxophones at once are the godparents of a boat that is about to sail from port and still has no destination. They only know they are ready for whatever journey lies ahead, always looking onward.