The words of Francesc Cassú about Llegendes del musical (Legends of the Musical)


Francesc Cassú, Conductor of La Principal de la Bisbal and Artistic Director of the SCCC.

The fifth project of The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya is, in fact, the second of a new tendency –promoted by Tritó and the Orchestra of Cadaqués, and always favored by Metalquimia– which arises from the Junior/Senior fusion between the Youth Orchestra of Girona and The Cobla Orquestra La Principal de La Bisbal, that is, between the union of emerging young musicians and a cobla orchestra which this year celebrates 125 years of existence.

The project continues in line with the previous one. That ship which sailed last year from Catalan lands and flew toward the universality of cinema, now approaches the magic of musicals. A magic, however, different from what we are accustomed to. A magic more our own, closer to us without being at all folkloric or mannered. Bright colors painted by the arches of the violins and caressed by the tenoras and fuels. Silky nuances carried by the melancholy of the cellos that mingle with the fiscorns. Shining sparks of the glokenspiel, which has the piccolo as a travelling companion... And all spiced with the warmth of Beth’s voice, which gives a different air and atmosphere to everything she sings, and the mastery of Cris Juanico, who continues to surprise us with his vocal richness.

To consolidate is to ensure, to strengthen, to cement what has been started. He who consolidates believes, has faith and holds something dear. And this orchestra amply demonstrates its consolidation.