The words of Francesc Cassú about Obstinately Llach


Francesc Cassú, Artistic Director of Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya.

Modifying icons that have almost become myths in the collective imagination of many people is not to be taken lightly. What painter would dare change Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? What sculptor would dare touch Michelangelo’s Moses? What filmmaker would add color to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane?

Well, the SCCC has dared. We have taken those magical, powerful songs of Llach, which over time have become authentic totems, and we have turned them around. Turning them around is, to start out with, performing them without the voice of Lluis. It is to play them with different rhythms, with daringly new approaches, with intentionally contrasting visions. In short, with the new, creative and Catalan sound of the SCCC.

The ones who are "guilty" of all this are the arrangers - Adrià Barbosa and myself – but also the project’s board of directors, who gave us permission. The musicians are guilty too, knowing so well how to interpret what we think and write. And obviously the soloists are guilty as well, for daring to express their opinion by interpreting those songs that everyone identifies so much with a particular voice, that of Llach.

And so, with audacity and pride, we present the SCCC’s new project. With the pleasure and delight of hoping that whoever is listening - Llach included – will have as good a time as we did putting it together.