The words of Francesc Cassú about The Very Best


Francesc Cassú, Artistic Director of Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya.

Sometimes it is good to make a stop along the way. It gives us a chance to think, to put things into perspective, correct errors, foresee new avenues ..., in short, it lets us breathe.

This is what the SCCC has done on two occasions. The first, after the collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of l’Empordà, allowed us to get to know the Youth Orchestra of Girona and its ideologist, Jaume Lleixà. This meeting pushed us to new directions, new milestones that led to a new project that enabled us to reach the place we are now. Stronger, more robust, more solid.

Now the time has come to make another stop along the way. It shall not be in vain. We have completed a second trilogy that has allowed us to consolidate a new and different sound, open the orchestra to music from all over the world and collaborate with superstars of our Catalan musical panorama. In addition, this pause coincides with a magnificent year in terms of performances. Few orchestras can claim to have performed in the same year at the Liceu, the Palau and the Born. To have accompanied artists as great as Josep Carreras, Roger Padullés, Joan Crosas, Miquel Gil, Jordi Fàbregas, Arnau Tordera or Mariona Segarra. And all of this in 2015. Always with a new repertoire, always with an unwavering dedication to work and with everyone, musicians and managers alike, totally committed to each project. And every time receiving a unanimous response of excellence from audiences and organizers. In short, we leave behind these momentous performances with a feeling of pride and of a job well done.

And now? We shall see ... The mix of ideas leading to the new path could be, at the very least, surprising. The perspectives, splendid!