The words of Jaume Lleixà about Legends of Pop & Rock


Jaume Lleixà, Technical Director of Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya.

The first to use the term rock and roll were the crews of British ships, starting in the seventeenth century, to describe the movement of the ships on the sea: rock refers to the forward and backward movement, and roll to the lateral movement. Some three centuries later, there appeared a music that generated these movements in the bodies of the people who listened to it. The other term in question, pop, is short for popular, referring on the one hand to the origin that inspired its melodies and on the other hand to the aim to be a mass music, as opposed to classical music, understood, perhaps wrongly, as elitist. These two terms also define the projects of the SCCC, both in regard to this rocking movement we want to generate in those who listen to our music and to the popular vocation, understood also in a dual mode as having a basic element of popular culture, the cobla, and having the desire to reach a greater number of people. The legend trilogy that we now bring to a close has been for the members of the SCCC a very enriching and, above all, happy journey. I suspect that after listening to our interpretation of these legendary themes, you will share this happiness. This is our main goal, to contribute our small bit toward making a happier world.

Gaining the trust of an increasingly demanding public is not easy. In fact, looking back and seeing that we have achieved this trust and loyalty, makes us feel very fortunate. We also feel very proud to be able to take the SCCC next year to the two most emblematic venues of Catalonia: the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Palau de la Música Catalana. I believe that achieving these goals of public acclaim and professional recognition would not have been possible without the unconditional dedication and firm commitment of each and every one of us involved in the project. Immerse yourselves now in these classics of the twentieth century and let yourselves be carried away by the swing. Let’s hope, at the very least, that you won’t be left indifferent. Be happy and let us know.