The words of Josep Lagares about Cançó d'amor i de guerra


Josep Lagares, Executive President of Metalquimia.

In autumn 2007, at the Monastery of Sant Pere in Besalú, my father, Narcís, sparked the idea that would give rise to the Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya. Today, 10 years after that initial impetus, the SCCC has become a beloved and admired benchmark in our musical culture that combines the traditional melodies and rhythms of traditional cobla music with the majesty and universality of the sounds of the symphony orchestra.

These have been 10 years of tireless and uninterrupted work that have yielded good results: 8 discs and the Enderrock award for the best classical music album in 2016 with Tossudament Llach, an anthological collection and tribute to the career of Lluís Llach from the time he first appeared on stage 50 years ago.

To celebrate this event this year, however, we are changing register and presenting Cançó d’amor i de guerra, the zarzuela in Catalan par excellence and one of the most iconic and popular pieces of Catalan lyrical work.

Cançó d’amor i de guerra, which was prohibited by the censors of the time, represents the noblest yearning of Nations and of Peoples for their Freedom and Self-Determination during convulsive times. From the lands of Vallespir, and under the watchful eye of the summits of the Canigó mountain, Cançó d’amor i de guerra presents Love, Equality and Fraternity opposed to the War of economic, political and social interests, while forging new ideals in opposition to the old-fashioned and outdated ideas of the old establishment.

On behalf of the business family that I am honoured to represent, I wholeheartedly hope that you enjoy the spectacular and moving Cançó d’amor i de guerra, which now, 91 years after its premiere, reminds us, more than ever, of our inalienable right to Freedom and Progress.

Long live Catalonia!!!!