The words of Josep Lagares about Legends of Pop & Rock


Josep Lagares, General Manager of Metalquimia.

Who would have thought in that autumn of 2007 that, seven years later, the creative impulse of my father Narcís, envisioning a large format Catalan symphony orchestra, would give us so many moments of good music and Catalan spirit.

In its infancy (2008-2010), the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia SCCC thrilled us with an unprecedented sound, let us enjoy the beauty of our most unforgettable music and awoke the Catalonia we all carry in our hearts, combining the Cobla, the Catalan instrument par excellence, with the more universal symphonic instruments.

That initial period of birth and youth of the SCCC was followed by a second stage of maturity and consolidation (2012-2014), which today has culminated in the latest work of a trilogy of legends that takes the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia far beyond our borders ... after the Legends of Cinema and Musicals, we now have the Legends of POP & ROCK, a musical project that, with the invaluable collaboration of Beth and Manu Guix, offers us a selection of the best pieces from the genre orchestrated for Cobla and Strings ... in a year that is emblematic for our Country, the SCCC thrills us, once again, with the universality of a musical proposal that goes far beyond its own cultural locality.

Today, with Legends of POP & ROCK, we crown a process that aims to initiate another one even more exciting and motivating, if possible... one that should carry the SCCC to the great “cathedrals” of Catalan Music, thus becoming a transcendental benchmark of our cultural panorama.

On behalf of the family business I am honored to represent, I wholeheartedly hope you will enjoy these sounds and melodies that evoke for us this year, more than ever, the spirit of Catalonia and its profound roots... For Many Years !!!!