The words of Josep Lagares about Llegendes del musical (Legends of the musical)


Josep Lagares, General Manager of Metalquimia.

I have always thought that the two great engines of progress and evolution of modern societies are CREATIVATION, or creativity to innovate, and INTERNATIONALIZATION, or the exchange of ideas and projects on a global scale... these two ingredients make up a Virtuous Circle that constantly feed into providing the best solutions to the great challenges of the times we live in... it is within this context that, in 2007, The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya SCCC  was born, a creative cultural project that aspires to make known to the world the Sounds of Catalonia and make them part of Humanity’s Heritage.

During its initial stage (2008 – 2010) the Symphony Orchestra, by making the complicated more simple, first demonstrated the immense possibilities of this new orchestral group to interpret  most of the Catalan musical genres with a universal sound and its very own roots. In 2012, The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya returned to the stage with renewed enthusiasm and a project with a pedagogical-social impact that, inspired by the Prince of Girona Foundation IMPULSA Forum, brought together the virtuosity and experience of the cobla orquestra La Principal de la Bisbal and the passion and initiative of the Youth Orchestra of Girona. The disc Llegendes del cinema (Movie Legends) marked the beginning of a second stage that allows us to enjoy the SCCC, now in a global key. 

This year, the new work Llegendes del musical (Legends of Musical) strengthens the Symphony’s commitment to creativation and a global vocation, while expanding its boundaries with a new challenge: to transport the melodies of musical theater to the realm of Cobla and Strings, transforming them to thrill us with the beauty of this unforgettable musical genre.

On behalf of the family business I have the honor to represent, I sincerely hope you enjoy it and are as captivated as I have been...