The words of Josep Lagares about Obstinately Llach


Josep Lagares, Executive President of Metalquimia.

On November 27, 2015, during the concert presentation of the album "SCCC: THE VERY BEST", the seventh work of the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia, we had the very pleasant surprise of being accompanied by Lluís Llach, who was guest of honor of the then mayor of Girona and today’s President of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, the Most Honorable Mr. Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó.

At the end of the concert Lluís expressed to us his surprise and admiration for this unusual Catalan symphony orchestra, unique in the world, that combines the experience and knowledge of the masters of La Principal de la Bisbal with the strength, enthusiasm and drive of the talented young musicians of the Girona Youth Orchestra.

This sentiment expressed by Lluís Llach that Friday in autumn was the spark of inspiration for Tossudament Llach / Obstinately LLACH, the SCCC’s eighth album...

Obstinately LLACH is a Cobla and String version of an anthological collection of Lluís Llach’s career  from his first appearance on the stage 50 years ago, with a careful selection of his most emblematic pieces, featuring the invaluable collaboration of our good friends Manu Guix, Elena Gadel, the tenor Roger Padullés and Beth.

This is our small tribute to a great body of work which, with its beauty, warmth, sensitivity and trascendence, has inspired so many... but above all Obstinately LLACH is meant to be our small token of gratitude and appreciation to the person, the musician, the poet, the master and patriot... who has so often shown us the way.

On behalf of the business family I am honored to represent, I wholeheartedly hope you will enjoy the interpretive excellence of the SCCC as they perform the most important melodies of the singer-songwriter from Empordà that remind us once again this year, more than ever, of our deepest yearnings for freedom and progress.

 For Many Years!!!!