The words of Josep Lagares about The Very Best


Josep Lagares, Executive President of Metalquimia.

On September 8, 2015 we experienced a unique and unrepeatable moment... within the framework of the Official Concert of the National Day of Catalonia, and precisely on the foundations of the Barcelona of 1714 in the historic site of the Born, the SCCC Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia gave us goose bumps by performing our most beloved hymns... those songs of the people that reflect our innermost feelings and invoke the spirit of Catalonia and its deep roots.

Just a few months earlier, the SCCC had performed for the first time in the Gran Teatro del Liceo, accompanied by the tenor Josep Carreras and the Polyphonic Choir of Puig-Reig in a sold out concert marking the end of the events celebrating Barcelona as the Capital of the Sardana ... Who would have thought in the autumn of 2007 in the San Pere Monastery of Besalú that eight years later the Catalan Symphonic Orchestra we had just seen would be chosen to enrich these exceptional events in the great cathedrals of Catalan music? Who would have said that, at such a crucial moment in the history of Catalonia, the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia would have become a musical group unique of its kind that, if it hadn’t existed, now more than ever, we would have had to invent? Who would have thought...?

True to this spirit, and as a tribute to this trajectory, today the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia would like to offer all its fans, but also those who are still unfamiliar with it, a compilation of its most emblematic works. .. with "SCCC THE VERY BEST" you will be able to enjoy the beauty of our most beloved music and those legendary melodies that originated far beyond our horizons ... and all of this with the added spice of the endearing artistic talent of our travelling companions: Beth, Nina, Albert Guinovart, Cris Juanico, Manu Guix and Pep Poblet.

On behalf of the business family I have the honor to represent, I sincerely hope you enjoy these sounds and melodies that this year remind us once again, today more than ever, of our deepest desires for freedom and progress.

... For Many Years !!!!