The words of the Illustrious Carles Puigdemont about Llegendes del Cinema (Movie Legends)


Carles Puigdemont, Mayor of Girona.

‘Legendary’ projects

When we talk about Girona, we all think of the most characteristic dates, such as the Fair of Sant Narcís or the flower exhibition Temps de Flors (Flower Season), or the most typical elements, such as the sweet pastry «xuixo», the old quarter of the city or the wide and excellent gastronomic diversity. But for some years now the city has also stood out for being the epicenter of a musical project of national scope that has, beyond doubt, managed to find a balance between experience, youth, classicism and innovation.

The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya (SCCC) represents a breakthrough for classical music and a meeting point for groups of recognized standing and trajectory, such as the cobla La Principal de la Bisbal and the Orchestra de Cadaqués, and others who are newcomers, such as the Jove Orquestra de les Comarques Gironines. Experience and a breath of fresh air that complement each other in perfect harmony in a new work of which, in addition, we can also feel proud because it carries a distinct Girona accent.

I am convinced that this new disc will be an absolute success, both for the format it has been given as well as for the popular pieces that have been arranged with a very special touch. Projects such as the SCCC are what we need at moments like these, new ‘companies’ that promote our culture and music, that seek to weave together complicities and that project an international image of excellence and quality in Europe and the world.

I hope all of you from Girona, as well as all other citizens from around the country, will enjoy this concert that is sure to be emblematic and that, in addition, will serve to help the fragile collective protected by the Fundació Síndrome de Down de Girona i Comarques ASTRID-21.

Congratulations, and much success!