Words of Francesc Cassú about Clàssics Enderrock


Francesc Cassú, Artistic Director of Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya

The vital cycle

They say that life is cyclical and that this should be respected. It is difficult to go against principles that, perhaps, are unwritten but taken for granted and that, due to the simple natural fact of their origins, need not be modified.

The SCCC has always respected this vital cyclical period, establishing a three-year span with an overall approach that includes three projects, one per year.

And then, we take a break and rest, we think, reflect and decide.

And this year, 2019, it is time to rest, think, reflect and decide.

But we owe our fans and our people who year after year eagerly look forward to the Metalquimia concerts in November (true autumn social events par excellence in Girona) and their corresponding recordings. In the years that we are resting we offer a compilation of the three previous projects, a summary of the overall objective that brings coherence to the whole.

After Catalan music (first tri-project) came stage music (Cinema, Musicals and Pop & Rock) and now we present you with the lyrical project with which, without a doubt, we are most satisfied to have been awarded (for all three!) the Enderrock Best Classical Record by popular vote. Tossudament Llach, Cançó d’amor i de guerra and Llull (which is my first opera and very dear to my heart, obviously) undoubtedly represent the SCCC’s most mature project to date.

And now what?, we are always asked after our concerts… And next year, what?

Well, we will rest, think, reflect and decide on a new trilogy that once again completes this vital cycle of which we are so proud.