Words of Francesc Cassú about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global


The SCCC aims to create excitement with its projects. This is an objective, a way of understanding music, a hoped for goal... This year we dedicate our project to an  anniversary. An anniversary that clearly and fully achieves the objective of creating excitement because devoting oneself for 25 years to releasing albums by Catalan groups does not seem easy, especially in recent years, in which the recording industry has had to continually reinvent itself.

I have known Salvi Cufí - President of Global Music, the company celebrating this anniversary - for many years. We knew each other long before he founded Global. Our relationship has gone from being a professional one (we played together in the same orchestra) to solidifying into a friendship that we have maintained and consolidated over the years, through divergent paths, the overcoming of difficult moments, the joy derived from our children, the dinners together, the festivals of San Juan...

He always says that I was his first musical director. True. He was the singer and I was the pianist / arranger of the Acuarela orchestra and we were trying - back in the late 80’s - to make a living as musicians. Because of this shared history, we have memories in common that are full of anecdotes from that time: the trips, the dinners before gigs, his English (which he still retains, right, Sabine?), his devotion to the Beatles and to Paul McCartney (now you know where his son’s name Pol came from ...), the gin tonics, the discussions necessary to go forward with various projects ...

Salvi no longer wishes to sing in public (nor in private, it must be said), but I can assure you that he sang very well and was magnetic on stage. I suppose that singing well and having "hook" is what he asks of his artists as a minimum requirement. Success will depend on many things, but these two factors are essential.

The fact is that since those times up until now we had not participated again in any joint project. Each of us had continued to go his own way and, despite being of the same artistic persuasion, we were following different paths.

Until the SCCC brought us back together. Beginning with the project dedicated to Lluís Llach, Global became our recording company and began to support us in all kinds of ways. We make a good team, I think. Attesting to this are the three consecutive Enderrock Awards won in recent editions.

And now we present them with a custom-made creation. To the record company, to its most important artists, to its most legendary songs, to cover them with that elegant, exuberant and unique patina that the Symphony Orchestra brings, rearranging those much listened to melodies and retouching those well-known themes.

Salvi, Sabine, I hope you like it. And I hope you feel very proud of the work you have accomplished over these many years.

A big hug and congratulations!

Francesc Cassú - Artistic Director of the SCCC