Words of Francesc Cassú about Emociona't amb la SCCC · Himnes del cor


The SCCC embarks on a new project involving a very specific type of music. Many times when I present concerts I make the point that there is a type of music – be it a song, or part of some classical arrangement, or perhaps even folk music – that becomes so popular that it transcends the stage to permeate the minds and thoughts of everyone who hears it. We might say that it touches our heart.

But why does that happen? There can be many reasons: the beauty of its melody, or perhaps because it was played just at the right time; sometimes it might be the lyrics, or even the person who plays or sings it, or the instrument used... It's not something one can control or predict. It just happens. And we need to release that magic when we feel it surging up within us and not try to stop it or define it.

We must simply let it flow... and enjoy the experience!

And if, when you play this music at a concert, people start singing along, clapping, crying, laughing, joining in or getting up and dancing, then don’t get upset. Don’t fuss or fret about it. You just need to embrace this feeling and make this magical connection between the stage and the very soul of those listening in the audience.

And that’s all there is to it. Just let it happen.

And don't get angry or frustrated if you try to make this magic happen but don't succeed. It was never meant to be.

The hymns that genuinely touch a person are decided by that person and by no-one else.  


Francesc Cassú

Artistic Director of the SCCC