Words of Francesc Cassú about Emociona't amb la SCCC - The Spirit of Christmas


When the SCCC focused its latest project on emotion and feeling, we were clear that one of the best options to fit this concept was Christmas music.

Is evident that the artists of Música Global excite; that the songs which have become hymns strike a chord with us too... But it is undeniable that when Christmas comes (and before!) the multitude of soundtracks that reach us make us evoke, remember, miss... in the end, they make us excited.

And, as always, we have tried to give all, covering different cultures, different styles, a variety of genres, with different vocal colours. And as usual, with our orchestra as the protagonist. This different orchestra that aims to meet all the expectations created.

It’s true that we’ve attempted to open the range of possibilities to the maximum. We have tried to be neither too classic, nor too current, nor too “ours”, nor too Americanized, serious, but cheerful... And you will certainly miss some melodies, because the greatness of Christmas music is such immense as it would be impossible to cover it all. We simply offer you our compilation, our choice that wants to make you have a good time and, above all, get you excited about our particular Christmas.


Francesc Cassú

Artistic Director of the SCCC