Words of Jaume Lleixà about Clàssics Enderrock


Jaume Lleixà, Technical Director of Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya

Three Transcendent Trilogies. These three words, which at first glance might seem like a puerile tongue twister, are actually a good synthesis of what has been the relatively short history of the SCCC, starting with the presentation of its first CD a few months after Narcís Lagares imagined this singular, and at the same time very plural, orchestra.

The first trilogy, genuinely Catalan, with Sardanes per al món (Sardanas for the world), Inoblidables en concert (Unforgettable in concert) and Amb Catalunya al cor (With Catalonia in my heart), managed to break with established norms and incorporate cobla instruments into a unique symphony orchestra, that would become a regular part of the Girona Auditorium’s musical program.

The second, more international trilogy, which included Legends of Cinema, of Musical Theater and of Pop & Rock, consolidated the group’s presence in Girona and opened the doors to new repertoires, to the main concert venues of the Country and to a public that has followed us faithfully right up until the present day.

The third, the one we celebrate here, has taken the SCCC to new worlds: that of the lyric, that of stage direction, scenography, makeup, hairdressing and lighting, with Tossudament Llach, Cançó d’amor i de guerra and the premiere of the opera Llull in the 2018 High Season Theater Festival, the three projects that won the Enderrock Award for Best Classical Record by popular vote.

What we aim to do with Enderrock Classics is to share with all of you, those who have accompanied us over the years and those who are just now joining us, our particular musical hat-trick. The SCCC would not exist, no matter how hard we tried, if it were not for those of you who come to the concerts, buy the records or listen to them on i-tunes or Spotify. To all of you, thanks for everything, these awards are also partly yours.