Words of Jaume Lleixà about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global



I’m sure that today, throughout the day, most of us have used our mobile phones, either to make a call, read Whatsapp messages, take a photo, watch a video of kittens, listen to music or check our email. Twenty-five years ago, most of us called from and to landlines, sent messages by letter or fax, took photos with analog cameras, watched VHS videos, listened to music on the radio, on cassette, vinyl or CD, and did not check our email on our mobiles, basically because we didn’t have email, nor did we have a mobile phone.

Since the 1980’s there has been an intense debate about the quality of reproduction between supporters of the vinyl record and supporters the CD. As we debated this question, technology passed us by with the consolidation of a new type of file, the mp3. In fact, this technology had already existed for several years but it was not until 1995 that this new compressed sound file format, and its expansion through the Internet a few years later, would unleash a commercial revolution  that has brought us to where we are today.

To situate ourselves, twenty-five years ago the euro was created and became the single European currency, Port Aventura was inaugurated, Ovidi Montllor died, legendary groups such as Van Halen, Scorpions and Queen released new albums, and closer to home, Lluís Llach and Quico Pi de la Serra did too. New Catalan rock groups that had been emerging for some time also released new albums that year: Lax’n Busto, Els Pets, Ja t’ho diré and many others.

And it was also twenty-five years ago that some young entrepreneurs knew how to capture the essence of what was coming and decided to create the Global Music record label, then carrying it forward and keeping it in the forefront of publishing and distribution of Catalan music throughout this last quarter century.

The SCCC joins in the celebration of these twenty-five years, making the heritage accumulated by Global Music its own and sharing it with all of you, whether in concert, on vinyl, on CD or mp3. Congratulations!

Jaume Lleixà - Technical Director of the SCCC