Words of Jaume Lleixà about Emociona't amb la SCCC - The Spirit of Christmas


Initially, it might seem unorthodox to hold a Christmas concert almost a month earlier than it should have been, although it has been several years since the insatiable voracity of the consumerist world in which, whether we like it or not, we are fully immersed, has been advancing the commercial campaigns that act as a preamble to the celebration of one of the most globalized holidays.

In fact, as poet Pere Quart said in his Raconto, at Christmas we celebrate that "...to a wandering and poor couple, their first child was born in the corner of a porch...", a fact that it could have happened, according to experts, between the years 6 and 4 BC, sometime between spring and autumn, if we assume that it was witnessed by shepherds with their flocks in Judea more than two thousand years ago.

Seen like this, it doesn't matter if we go a month forward or back, in fact, the melodies and harmonies that you’ll can hear on the CD or in the concerts of this new project, don’t have an expiration date and they all reach the goal we set for ourselves at the SCCC that is to move at any time of the year even those of us who may be are more sceptical of the religious celebration or further away from the consumerist fever.

And so, let’s be carried by this spirit that a quotidian event in a serene night has generated over the centuries, whether feeling the joy of sharing, the longing for those who are no longer there or the nostalgia of a small nativity scene in the entrance hall of the house.


Jaume Lleixà

Technical Director of the SCCC