Words of Josep Lagares about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global


The METALQUIMIA Foundation, with the leitmotiv "Culture, Education and Creativation for a better world" promotes cultural and educational programs in which Creativation and Disruption aspire to create a better future... in short, small actions that aspire to great transformations... However, this year the Coronavirus emergency has upset all our plans... this is why when the crisis broke out, at the beginning of March, we members of the Lagares family were very clear about our priorities and responsibilities... and, of course, one of these priorities has been to continue supporting all those who are suffering the most from the impact of this pandemic, and especially Culture and Music, because they are the reflection of the soul of a Country, and a society without a soul is like a ship without direction...

We are convinced that saving Culture and Music is a top priority because if COVID has made us increase our physical distances, it should at least make us come much closer together as people... because if the virus has taken and unfortunately will take people and organizations from us, we must not allow this to nullify, in any way, our soul, our ability to feel excitement... and today, more than ever, we want to get excited once again with the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia SCCC, starting off on a new musical journey!

If last year we brought to a close the TRIPLE ENDERROCK trilogy (projects awarded 3 consecutive years with the Enderrock Award for the best Classical Music album by Popular Vote), this year we are starting the "GET EXCITED" cycle... which aims to make you rediscover the best Catalan and global music, enjoying it from the heart... and what better way to get excited than to start this new Symphonic journey with a selection of the 25 best pieces selected by GLOBAL MUSIC, in commemoration of its 25th Anniversary?

On behalf of the Lagares family and the entire Business Group that I am honored to represent, I would like to heartily congratulate Salvi Cufí and Sabine Huygaerts for their patriotism and for these 25 years of selfless work and exceptional music... without GLOBAL MUSIC the musical panorama of our Country would not be the same ... Thank you friends, we will never be grateful enough!

And of course, I hope you will all enjoy, and get excited once again, during this new stage of the Symphony Orchestra that we premiere today... Surely nothing will ever be exactly the way it was before, but what is certain is that we still have a lot of good music to make. Without a doubt we will get through all of this... the show must go on!

Josep Lagares - Executive President METALQUIMIA, SAU