Words of Josep Lagares about Emociona't amb la SCCC · Himnes del cor


At the METALQUIMIA Foundation we promote cultural and educational programmes that aspire to create a slightly brighter future... in a nutshell, small actions that aim to achieve big transformations, and we do this under the motto “Culture, Education and Creativity for a better world”.

It is in this context that, just before the Coronavirus pandemic, we came up with a cycle of events known as “EMOCIONA'T AMB LA SIMFÒNICA DE COBLA i CORDA” to help you rediscover the delights of the very best of Catalan and global music. For obvious reasons, we were unable to launch this project until June 2021. It now features a selection of the 25 best works released by the Girona record company MÚSICA GLOBAL to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The concert was aired last New Year’s Eve on TV3 (Catalan TV channel) and was a huge success in terms of audience numbers and media exposure.

Today we meet once again to present "EMOCIONA'T AMB ELS HIMNES DEL COR", the new project of the SCCC... a musical and emotional journey back through the most wonderful melodies of the past three hundred years, which have ended up being true Hymns of Humanity.

And that is precisely why we are here today, because in these times of relentless change and disruption, we need – now more than ever – to rediscover our inner peace.

And that is precisely what we are doing today, because in the midst of wars and other tribulations, we desperately need to lift our spirits and lay our worries to rest.

The project unveiled today by the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra contains songs that belong to everyone and yet to no one... they are hymns of the heart that, regardless of age, ideology, gender, language, nationality or skin colour, unite us as people and bring us closer together as brothers and sisters.

On behalf of the Lagares family and the entire business group that I am honoured to represent, I sincerely hope that you enjoy and are once again enthralled by the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia and their songs to lift the spirit and melodies to remind us of what genuinely matters: that we are spiritual beings, and only by nourishing our spirit can we truly prosper.


Josep Lagares

Executive Chairman of METALQUIMIA, SAU