Words of Lluís Gendrau about Clàssics Enderrock


Lluís Gendrau, Editorial Director of the Enderrock Group

The symphonic triad

This year 2019 we have held the 21st edition of the Enderrock Awards – Catalan Music Awards. Whoever the winners may be, the Enderrock Awards serve to showcase the quality and variety of Catalan music in all its breadth. The awards provide space for emotionality and for recognition with the Trajectory Award and the Awards of Honor, for the most interesting proposals with the Enderrock Critics Award, and also serve to measure public reaction with the Enderrock Popular Vote Awards. The latter are an excellent barometer of which musical proposals are most attractive to the general public, and to Catalan audiences and music lovers in particular.

For the last three years, in the category of classical music, the Enderrock Awards have been dominated by a Girona orchestra based on an interesting and original fusion between a symphonic orchestra and a Catalan cobla orchestra. The last three albums of the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia: Tossudament Llach (Obstinately Llach) (2016), Cançó d’amor i de guerra (Song of love and war) (2017) and Llull (2018) –issued by Global Music– were chosen by the Enderrock Awards voters as their favorites in the classical music category. This a real popular tribute to the work of Francesc Cassú and his musicians, and above all to a project –promoted by the Metalquimia Foundationthat unites two sonorous worlds of personality and tradition such as repertoire music and popular song, and that year after year has been producing a series of shows at a constant pace, always with a touch of daring and surprise.

Clàssics Enderrock is an excellent summary of three years of recognition and musical effort in creation, composition and staging. A departure point for a highly acclaimed group with a splendid future. We hope you will enjoy and with every listening discover new and beautiful nuances.