Words of Lluís Puig about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global


Local, global ... Universal

The cultural landscape of Catalonia is expressed in very diverse ways and, in my opinion, also incorporates the singularity of a sound that reflects the heartbeat of a country that is unique in the world. In the making of this soundscape our friends of the Global Music record company, with a quarter of a century of work well done behind them, have played a key role. Their support for local artists and, very singularly, for those who have chosen to sing in Catalan, has been fundamental in shaping a music industry of their own, and in Catalan,  that aims to be competitive, up to date and willing to exchange ideas on equal terms with their peers.

Let me emphasize in this context the tandem that Global and those responsible for the Metalquimia Foundation have consolidated over the years and which crystallizes in a project as specific and full of virtues as the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia (SCCC). Today Metalquimia is an example in relation to well-understood patronage that has always included a close look at the distinctly Catalan territory and that, in the case of the SCCC, has given us projects as contrasted but marvellous as Obstinately Llach or the opera Llull, with music by the admired Francesc Cassú and libretto by a giant of our contemporary literature, Jaume Cabré.

Your music, which is also your work, accompanies me now more than ever in exile and is for me a balm and a beacon in moments of great uncertainty such as those in which we live. A country that despises its culture does not deserve to be free. That is why I am convinced that, sooner rather than later, collectively and with the force of experience and perseverance, we will be able to build the Republic we long for.

Lluís Puig i Gordi - 16th  Minister of Culture of the Government of Catalonia