Words of Marta Madrenas about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global


The Girona-based Global Music company is behind many of the most important Catalan music records of the last 25 years. Without the push of its founder Salvi Cufí and the entire team that has accompanied him these years, the national music scene would surely be different, incomplete and less rich.

For its part, the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia has accustomed us every year to their innovative, daring performances that at the same time have served to review songs and key works of our music. The Metalquimia Foundation has summed up success after success with the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra, and this year’s proposal to offer fresh versions of iconic songs from the 25 years of Global Music has every incentive to become a new success with the public and critics alike. In addition, bringing together in a single show two projects inspired by such passionate music lovers as Josep Lagares and Salvi Cufí is a perfect combination, with Girona roots but transcending to embrace the entire country.

After a 2020 as complicated as the one we are experiencing, it is a joy to see powerful projects like this one take off. Launching the new "Get excited" cycle with this tribute to Global Music is also a way of promoting the artists closest to us, a shared goal in these uncertain times. We trust that the evolution of the pandemic will not prevent us from enjoying ourselves. Many thanks, strength and good health to all!

Marta Madrenas - Mayor of Girona