Words of Most Illustious Marta Madrenas about Obstinately Llach


Marta Madrenas, Mayor of Girona.

Every autumn we all look forward to the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia concert in the Auditorium program. The initiative that was successfully launched in 2008 by Narcís Lagares and Josep Lagares, under the auspices of Metalquimia, has become an undisputed benchmark of cultural creation in Girona. The orchestra has grown and consolidated itself with the unconditional enthusiasm of each and every one of its members, and the proof of this is the applause of critics and audiences that is repeated year after year.

I would like to emphasize not only the artistic aspect of this project. I would also like to emphasize the social and educational commitment, since its original goal was to enhance the career of talented young people.  Through rigorous work of high quality, great opportunities for growth have been provided to our local musicians, in line with the Foundation’s objectives.

The Metalquimia Foundation itself, through the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia, is an example of commitment to culture and to Girona. This work of patronage strengthens the cultural and social fabric of the city, and therefore gives us all the opportunity to go forward toward the goal of building a more just, balanced and educated society. Now with the presentation of the orchestra’s eighth work, Tossudament Llach /Obstinately Llach, we all feel that we too are part of this brave and determined cultural project, full of creativity, that we must continue to support.

Many thanks to everyone for making it possible.