Words of Salvi Cufí about Emociona't amb la SCCC - 25 Anys de Música Global


A little ...Great dream!!

25 years! They have flown by.

Who would have thought, when one fine day I decided to embark on a wonderful story...

I recognize that we have had some hard times, disappointments and sadness. But the joys and the challenge of wanting to grow and get to where we are now, have made it all worth it. Music is and always will be my life.

Global Music would not be what it is today without each and every one of the more than 200 artists who have worked with us and trusted in us.

All of them have planted a seed to help us grow. Have worked tirelessly to enable us to walk this path together. Thanks to them, we are who we are and where we are today.

Thank you so much!

Thanks Sabine for being the engine that moves the boat forward. And thanks, Juan, Robert, Ramón, Ester, Fanny... we are a great team and may it be for many years.

Special thanks to those who, in one way or another, have also rowed the boat with us these 25 years.

And I can’t forget all the media, institutions, companies, friends etc., who have always, always helped and supported us.

This particular moment in time is difficult, hard and uncertain for culture and especially for music. But culture will endure. And we will move forward. No one can stop us, and the music will keep on playing.

The most heartfelt thanks to the great Lagares family, who through their Metalquimia Foundation have supported this project and helped make this little great dream come true.

Thank you SCCC (you are wonderful), thank you maestro Francesc Cassú, Manu Guix, Elena Gadel, Miki Núñez and Paula Giberga    for having signed on to this project from the very start. And thanks to all you background supporters who are so indispensable.

Here and now you will hear a very small (but representative) sample of what has been a part of the soundtrack of this country and of our lives. I know that not everything that should be included is here, but it is a very important part.

Thanks to you who will listen to this "jewel". Thanks for loving music.

Let’s go for 25 more!

Salvador Cufí - President of Global Music Records