Words of the Honorable Mariàngela Vilallonga about Clàssics Enderrock


Mariàngela Vilallonga, Minister of Culture of the Catalan Government

Shared success

The work of disseminating the musical instruments of the Catalan cobla orchestra that the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia (SCCC) has undertaken for over a decade seems unstoppable. Its productions, both those of new artistic creation and the compilations designed to enhance our musical heritage, are seen today as a benchmark and have achieved what is so difficult to do: seduce the public and build a loyal following.

Last year’s presentation of the opera Llull, with text by Jaume Cabré and music by Francesc Cassú, composer and conductor of the SCCC, is an excellent sample from the point of view of risk-taking and musical excellence. But not only this: the proposal came after the unquestionable popular successes linked to the productions of Tossudament Llach and Cançó d’amor i de guerra.

The values of this high-flying cultural project also include a commitment to local talent, which is abundant but too often does not enjoy the opportunities it deserves. And we must not forget the indispensable supporting role played from the beginning by the Metalquimia Foundation in relation to a project of such great magnitude and complexity as the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra.

Culture is for everyone and we need to take action, either individually or collectively, to make it a true centerpiece of public and private policies in our country. This binominal of collaboration between sectors has proven to be successful, and this is why, on behalf of the Government of Catalonia, I wish to congratulate you for the work accomplished and for these successes that have crystalized in obtaining three consecutive Enderrock awards in the category of popular vote. Bringing together the best of these three award-winning productions and sharing it again with the public is, without a doubt, the best of gifts. Thank you for everything you have done so far and for everything that, I am sure, you will do in the future.