Words of the Most Honorable Carles Puigdemont about The Spirit of Christmas


For 15 years we have enjoyed such a unique musical formation as the Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya, promoted in 2008 by Metalquimia and the Fundació Metalquimia. During all this time, you have offered us a journey through different musical styles that have allowed us to hear a new interpretation of traditional Catalan pieces, internationally known pieces and unpublished compositions prepared exclusively by renowned Catalan musicians.

This year we will be able to live the Christmas with The Spirit of Christmas concerts that will combine very different pieces, from medieval music to contemporary hits, in a staging with the voices of well-known and beloved singers such as Miki Núñez, Mariona Escoda, Beth, Elena Gadel, La Pau or Joan Garrido, as well as the choir Polifónica de Puig-reig. All in all, a showcase of the talent and musical quality that exists in Catalonia and that makes us feel completely proud.

Culture is an essential element for all societies that want to be empowered, because it offers us tools to grow and make us freer. That is why we must recognize and thank all the work done by the more than 140 musicians, directors, technicians, artists, and all the people who make a show of this magnitude possible. Thank you everyone for participating and for always pushing music and culture forward. I am convinced that it will thrill us again.


Pere Aragonès Garcia

President of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia