Presentation at Girona Auditorium of the documentary about the SCCC


The documentary produced by Visual13 under direction of Vicenç Asensio and scripted by the journalist Teresa Turiera, will be presented the 17th of june 7pm.


As a prelude to the concerts on 18, 19 and 20 June, the Girona Auditorium will premiere the documentary La parella impossible, produced by Visual13. Directed by Vicenç Asensio and scripted by journalist Teresa Turiera, the documentary follows the trajectory of the orchestra from its beginnings, its internal gear, the evolution of the youngest musicians, the involvement of the most experienced, the work of adaptation of the different music to a symphony orchestra combined with the particular sound of the wind instruments of the cobla or the ability to fill the concert halls where they perform, making the audience of all ages enjoy the musical history of the country with a so renovated.

The film captures the feelings of the whole team that makes possible the growth of the SCCC and its evolution, from the first concerts to the end of the Enderrock Award for three consecutive years for the best classical album. La parella impossible also has the participation of prominent artists from the country who have collaborated in different SCCC projects such as Manu Guix, Beth, Elena Gadel, Miki Núñez and Paula Giberga, as well as Roger Padullés, Marta Mathéu or the Polifònica de Puig-reig.