The Simfonica in the Porta Ferrada Festival


The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia, which brings together the cobla orchestra La Principal de la Bisbal and the  Empordà Chamber Orchestra conducted by Francesc Cassú and Carles Coll, will perform the traditional concert of Catalan music  today, as part of the International Festival of Porta Ferrada, in the Teatro- Auditorio Municipal of Sant Feliu de Guíxols  (21:30 , 12 and 15 euros). In the concert, this unique group, offering a fusion of cobla and string orchestra- the wind instruments of the cobla replacing those of a symphony orchestra  - will present the CD Sardanes per al món  (Sardanas for the world) and will perform new orchestrations  of works of great composers born in Sant Feliu, such as  Juli Garreta, Lluís Lloansí and Josep Maria Vilà.


The traditional concert of Catalan music at the Porta Ferrada Festival promises to be a gala affair this year, presenting this new, highly original  and spectacular orchestra, made up of two very prestigious and long-standing groups in the world of Catalan music, the cobla orchestra La  Principal de la Bisbal and the Empordà Chamber Orchestra.

A unique group,  which combines the experience of string instruments and replaces the wind instruments of a symphony orchestra with the distinctive sound of the Cobla.

In the concert, the group will present the work of its CD  “Sardanes per al món”  (Sardanas for the world), as well as performing brand new orchestrations of works by great composers from Sant Feliu, such as Juli Garreta, Lluís Lloansí and Josep Maria Vilà.

The possibilities of a group like this one, unique in the world, and therefore incomparable, are infinite and will surely be a contribution to Catalan musical culture.