The words of Josep Lagares about Inoblidables en concert (Unforgettable in concert)


Josep Lagares, General Manager of Metalquimia.

On Friday 21st of November 2008, LA SIMFÒNICA DE COBLA I CORDA DE CATALUNYA SCCC (the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia) and its first musical work SARDANES PER AL MÓN (SARDANAS FOR THE WORLD)  were presented at the Girona Auditorium, to the admiration of many people who were surprised by the enormous possibilities that the new orchestral combination, the result of the union of a cobla (a typical Catalan music ensemble that accompanies Sardanas, the traditional Catalan folk dance) and a String Orchestra, could represent for the musical projection of Catalonia.

At that time, we were all aware that we were attending a unique, unrepeatable event concerning our culture that has been reinforced with an unusual, very beautiful proposal with a global aspiration and with the sure ability to enamour and to share the highly genuine sounds and instruments far beyond our borders.

Today, La Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya is advancing towards its consolidation as a cultural reference for Catalonia and is facing a new challenge with INOBLIDABLES EN CONCERT (Unforgettable Melodies in Concert), which introduces a beautiful, daring repertory of works that are emblematic of Catalan musical folklore. From the habanera to the waltz, from the traditional songs our grandmothers sang to the Nova Cançó artistic movement and the most up-to-date singer songwriters. All of these works have been specially orchestrated for this event by composers and musicians of international prestige.

Without the slightest doubt, creative, innovative proposals which project Catalonia to the rest of the world, like LA SIMFÒNICA DE COBLA I CORDA DE CATALUNYA (the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia)  does, will continue to receive the unconditional support of the family company which I am honoured to represent, thus contributing to better knowledge and recognition of our roots with UNFORGETTABLE melodies, which will surely captivate the hearts of everyone who chooses to listen to them.